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Welcome to the Uniting Church in the City

It’s about touching and tranforming lives in Perth.

The congregations of the Uniting Church in the City came into being in 2003, affirming our unity in diversity, and agreeing to work together to further God’s mission. Mission is a primary purpose for our existence. The desire of the congregations of Ross Memorial, St Andrews (since 2011 independent again), Trinity and Wesley was to develop new mission activities focused locally within the City which would most effectively be achieved if the congregations in the City worked together. Since 2003 we have made significant progress towards fulfilling this desire.

Ross Memorial Uniting Church, cnr Colin and Hay Sts, West Perth
Trinity Uniting Church, 72 St George’s Terrace, Perth
Wesley Uniting Church, cnr Hay and William Sts, Perth

Some pre existing mission activities have been expanded

  • School for Seniors has expanded to 5 days a week providing companionship through learning for 600 plus seniors a week.
  • Trinity Lunchroom continues to provide hospitality in the city and its profits are donated to charity. It has just had its best year ever financially.
  • The Open Doors programme has operated at Wesley and Trinity for some time providing a quiet place in the city for prayer and meditation. In the last five years Ross Memorial has also commenced an Open Doors programme, so now all three churches are open on weekdays with teams of trained volunteers on duty.

Several new mission projects have been established.   

New youth fellowship and worship in Perth CBD

  • AWAKEN is an ecumenical youth & young adult’s ministry under the oversight of several churches working together with Trinity UCIC.  "Our mission, by the grace of our awesome God, is to share the true gospel and equip young people in Perth to become followers of Jesus so they can go and make disciples of all nations." Meeting at Trinity Church Building Sunday nights for Worship (6.00pm). See more.
  • Stations of the Cross was a very successful inaugural art exhibition held in 2009. The 15 ‘stations’ of Jesus’ journey to the cross were represented by artworks, each specially created by Western Australian artists. Stations gets even more exciting every year with the 2012 exhibition touted by many as the best yet!
  • Afrikaans ministry is thriving with a monthly worship service at Trinity attracting increasing numbers, with growing numbers who have become members of the UCA. This ministry is attracting family groups of a younger age than most of our current church members. We now have a "parent's room", a games room and an Afrikaans library! A new bilingual minister will soon be called to replace Rev Chris Crause.

    The Special Music ministry
    at Trinity has taken off with top soloists now performing as part of our worship on the first Sunday of every month as well as several special music events per year, ranging from  a Jazz worship to our Stillness and Silence one . The most anticipated music "events" include our " stillness and silence...", our Jazz Service (with big brass!) and the very unusual "modern prophets" service featuring the music of Billy Joel! The Jangoo Chapkhana Trio and other regulars make worship an unforgettable experience. And don't forget the "Martin Luther King service coming up soon" - I HAVE A DREAM!
  • Outreach to West Perth based at Ross Memorial has been developed. Having the church open every weekday, offering a range of regular weekday events at the church, not to mention special community events such as Sustainable September and involvement by church members in local community activities, has built significant relationships with local workers, traders, residents and the council. These people are keen to work with Ross Memorial to enhance community life in West Perth.
  • Ministry to the City has become a priority with significant efforts made to build relationships with key stake holders in the city and research the needs of those who live, work and play in the city. We've moved our offices to the newly renovated Uniting Church in the City Centre on the 1st level at 97 William St.  This is so much more than just office space. We've created space for a variety of ministry activities and we invite you to come and have a look and consider making use of wonderful facilities that include a brand new kitchen, a large hall, board and meeting rooms, and more. The aim is to be a place of community and mission.

The Uniting Church in Australia is celebrating it's 35 Anniversary.

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