Woodcarving Advanced

Tutor: Percy Boyes & Bob Brown

This course serves as a continuation for students who the tutors assess as having satisfactorily completed the course Woodcarving Introduction. Those students will be able to continue on projects already started. The course will also be open to new students who are assessed as having adequate experience and knowledge of woodcarving. These students will be provided a range of options for projects, or may bring a project of their own choosing. There will be instruction in basic skills in the use of other small hand tools such as palm gouges and small files, rifflers and rasps.

Tutors will provide the following materials:

  • Carving knife on loan for use in the class only;
  • Other tools on loan for use in the class only;
  • Wooden blanks for carving projects @ $2.00 each or at cost, whichever is greater.

Optional materials students may bring to class:

  • Non-slip shelf lining material;
  • Bench hook - tutors will explain this equipment and provide at cost;
  • sandpaper in a variety of grades as advised by tutors, for example: 180, 240, 400 grit;
  • Your own knife (tutors will advise whether the knife is suitable);
  • Old gardening glove (to be cut and used to protect fingers while carving, if preferred).

An individual program will be developed for each student. Students are encouraged to bring their own project/ideas and they will be provided with assistance and advice by the tutors. In Term 4, we may introduce a Co-Operative Community Project for two or more of the enrolled students.

Special notes:
The classroom we use at Trinity School for Seniors is quite suitable for the sort of woodcarving we teach. It is not set up as a workshop and we do not have woodworking benches. For this reason we make the following restrictions:

  1. We don't use carving tools that normally require the use of a mallet.
  2. We do not have the facilities to use any wood vice or other mechanical devices normally used to hold larger projects.
  3. Generally, power tools will not be used. An exception may be made for the use of small battery powered tools such as the Dremel.
  4. The size of projects is limited. The piece must fit in the workspace available to each student.

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