Singing/ Ukulele Jam Group

Tutor: Joe Wisniewski

Bring Your Voice and/or Ukulele/Guitar/Banjo etc.

This is your group to just sing or sing and play. A session of singing and music with plenty of variety. Song sheets will be provided. Group input and ideas for songs will be welcomed. Group members will be welcome to lead on their favourite songs. We will pretty much give anything a go and all abilities are welcome. It is about having musical fun together. Just sing, sing, and strum, or just play your ukulele, guitar etc. We have a cajon (Drum) player to add to the band and are looking for a pianist and bass player for a (big) sound in the rhythm section.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of something big at Trinity. (Tell your friends).

Suitable for: All welcome

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