Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone become a member of TSFS?
To become a member of the School participants must be over 60 years or older and be physically able to access the Trinity and Queens Buildings. Members do not need to possess any qualifications, just come along and get involved.

How do I enrol?
Following options are available:-


Email: Reception@tsfs.org.au



Post: Trinity School for Seniors, PO Box X2222 PERTH WA 6847
(We do not recommend posting in your enrolment form as AusPost has been experiencing delays in delivering mail and as such you may miss the first round of processing if you choose to send your form in via post.)


Visit Reception:
Fill in an enrolment form in person at our Reception. Located Level 1 97 William St, Perth WA 6000, opening hours Monday to Friday 9am-3pm.


Online: www.perthunitingchurch.org.au/enrolments

Payment to be completed after enrolment has been processed. Payments can be made in person at TSFS Reception or by credit/debit card payments over the phone.

What are the membership fees?
Membership Fee $99.00 per term payable by cash, EFTPOS or cheque (made payable to UNITING CHURCH IN THE CITY). Membership allows enrolment in three courses per term. To enrol in more than three courses, an additional charge of $20 per course will apply.

TSFS encourages students to select their courses carefully. Please consider the quantity of classes and be mindful not to overcommit. TSFS recommends taking no more than four classes in any one term. The School continues to experience significant falling attendance and by selecting a more manageable number of classes we hope our attendance rates will go up. This will also reduce our waitlists and allow more of our existing members and new students to access the School.

No pro-rata membership fees.

How long will it take to process my enrolment?
Due to the large volume of enrolments received, it can take up to three weeks for admin staff to process all enrolments. If you have not received confirmation of your enrolment after this time, please contact Reception.

Students should expect to receive their timetable/receipt directly if they have an e-mail address. Those students who use Australia Post should expect to receive their correspondence approximately one week after processing begins.

What happens if a class I've chosen is full?
When a class is fully booked, students are automatically placed on a waitlist and notified via their timetable/receipt. If a similiar class is available, admin staff may telephone the student to offer a place in an alternative course.

If a place becomes available on a fully booked course, the first person on the waiting list will be contacted immediately to offer the place. TSFS endeavours to place as many waitlisted students as possible however there are no guarantees. For further clarification please speak to TSFS staff.

School relies heavily on students to let us know if they are no longer able to attend the School. This information is vital so that TSFS can place students who are on the waitlist.

When can I make changes to my timetable?
During the initial enrolment period no changes can be made. This is typically 1-2 weeks after enrolment processing commences in January/June. Once the bulk of enrolments have been completed then changes can be requested. For this reason, TSFS suggests students double check that they have ticked the correct boxes prior to submitting their form. Further changes can be made once term commences however, School suggests that these are kept to a minimum to prevent disruption to current students and tutors.

Changes can only be made by the student concerned. No changes can be made by a tutor on behalf of a student, third party, nor information released to a third party due to the Privacy Act.

Can I enrol/withdraw from a class part-way through term?
Enrolments stay open continually and students can withdraw at any time. Admin staff will make the necessary adjustment(s) and will notify tutor(s).

Please be aware, certain classes where enrolment may be declined part-way through term include beginner level classes. TSFS can offer advice where necessary.

What happens if I'm away at the time of enrolments?
School appreciates students travel throughout the year and are not always at home during our enrolment periods. If students can't enrol via the usual methods (e-mail, post, or Dropbox in Reception) they can enrol via our website: www.perthunitingchurch.org.au/enrolments. Confirmation of enrolment will be emailed and information on payment options will be advised.

If students are unable to access the internet/email to complete their enrolment, they are welcome to ask a friend or family member to complete and submit the enrolment form on their behalf. Payment can be made on commencement of classes.

I handed in my enrolment form on the first day the enrolment information was available and still I didn't get my choice(s), why is that?
Due to the large number of students returning their forms during this first week (prior to our official processing start date), combined with the fact that we process these forms in a random order, TSFS cannot guarantee placement in specific classes for any student.

I'm withdrawing completely, can I get a refund?
Refunds will be available prior to the first day of term. All refunds issued will incur a $5 administration fee, except when the course is cancelled by TSFS. Refunds will be processed within 10 business days of withdrawal.

No refunds will be given due to non-attendance. After the course commences, refunds will not be available, with exception of approved circumstances. Exceptions include: 
1. For students who are new to the School, a 'cooling off' period of 7 days from the student's first scheduled day of term.
2. Illness preventing notification of withdrawal prior to course commencing.
3. Cancellation of course by TSFS.

School Facilities

Where is the School located?
The School is split over two locations - Trinity Building and Queens Building.
Reception and Administration Office: Level 1, 97 William St, Perth WA 6000;

Trinity Building classrooms: Trinity Arcade, Ground Floor, 72 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Queens Building classrooms: Level 1, 97 William St, Perth

Lifts are available in all buildings.

What are the School's operational hours?
During term time, TSFS is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm. Reception may be closed during school holidays, or operate reduced opening hours and if so, dates will be advertised in advance.

Does the School offer parking facilities?
There are no parking facilities and students need to make their own way into School using either private or public transport.

General Information

What happens if I can't make class, should I notify School?
In emergency situations TSFS understands this is not always possible however the School would appreciate a telephone call or email as soon as it's convenient. Notices of one-off absences that occur due to ill health, emergencies, travel, appointments, etc. will be recorded on the School's database and communicated to your tutor(s).

Please note in compliance with the Privacy Act, personal details regarding absences will NOT be communicated to TSFS tutors, students or external parties unless permitted by the student.

What happens if my class is cancelled?
Depending on how much notice the School receives and the circumstances behind why a class is to be cancelled, students will be notified in one of three ways:

  1. If more than 48 hours before class commences, staff will email students. Those students who do not have an email address will receive a telephone call. A message will be left should no one be home to take the call.
  2. If less than 48 hours before class commences, staff will telephone students to advise of the cancellation.
  3. If cancellation is 1 hour or less before class commences, an admin staff member will attend the classroom to notify students in person. A notice will also be posted on the classroom door to notify students, if time permits.

Will I lose my place at TSFS if I don't attend my classes?
If a student is absent from a fully booked class for 3 consecutive weeks or more without explanation, their place in the class will be offered to the next student on the waiting list.

To prevent losing your place in a class, please notify your tutor or Reception regarding absences/extended holiday arrangements in advance. Any late notice absences can be communicated to Reception by telephone or email. If you have not been attending classes for genuine extenuating circumstances, upon return to TSFS, Admin staff will do their best to accommodate you back in your usual classes.

Will I lose my place at TSFS if I don't enrol for a term?
Student will remain on the School's database indefinitely or until such time they ask to be removed. Please note *inactive students will NOT be removed from e-mails pertaining to From the Office or enrolment information. Students can manage their own subscription via the last email they received from TSFS, or request to be removed from our e-mailing list via TSFS Reception. 

When inactive students return to enrol at TSFS, they will be processed as an existing student. Exception for students inactive since 2018 or prior, see next question for further details.

*inactive - means not being enrolled in the current Term

I haven't attended School for a while, am I still considered a member?
Students that have not attended School since 2018 or prior are now considered new members. The School will no longer have an active record of these students on the database. What this means for these returning students:

  • Enrolment will be processed 7 days after existing students' enrolment period commences;
  • Once re-enrolled will receive correspondence pertaining to new members and an invitation to our orientation session to re-familiarise themselves with the School.

Is it ok to leave class early / arrive late so that I may get to another class?
The School recommends students plan their timetable to leave enough time between classes to reach their class safely and on time. This particularly applies to classes that are held in the two separate locations; Queens Building and Trinity Building.

Can I attend a class that I am NOT enrolled in?
As duty of care the School requires all students to enrol in the specific courses they wish to attend. Students are not permitted to attend classes on a casual basis, as this may have health and safety implications should a student have an accident.

I have a carer who needs to accompany me to School, what do I need to do?
Carers are welcome to attend with a participant, however carers accompanying students should discuss the student's needs with admin staff prior to enrolling. If there is more than one nominated carer for the student, the carer accompanying the student must sign-in and sign-out at Reception each time they attend a class.

What do I need to bring to class?
Some classes (particularly art) do require specific materials in which case a materials list will be provided - refer to the Course Information Brochure to see if your class has a materials list. Materials Lists can be collected from Reception. Students should make sure they are in receipt of one prior to term commencing.

What should I do if I have a complaint or suggestion?
Students can communicate a complaint or suggestion by visiting or telephoning Reception, post in a letter to PO Box X2222 PERTH WA 6847 or via e-mail (Reception@tsfs.org.au).

Alternatively students can contact a Student Voice Representative in person, writing or via e-mail (Reception@tsfs.org.au). Written notes can be left with TSFS Reception to pass along to the Student Voice Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities

I'd like to teach/ become a volunteer at the School.
The School welcomes individuals who wish to volunteer within the School community by way of tutoring a class. Formal qualifications are not necessary. TSFS are looking for enthusiastic and compassionate people with a hobby, skill developed in your professional career or general interest that you would like to share with others. If you're interested in it, we're sure to find students in our community ready to learn! Please contact Reception for an application form. 

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