Tap 'n Jazz 'n More!

Tutor: Jan Hooker

The basis for this class is to explore movement, co-ordination and rhythm. Basic tap dance steps and jazz ballet routines will feature as the major part of the classes, while exploration of some other dance styles may be included from time to time.

A reasonable level of fitness is required. Comfortable clothing is best with lower legs in clear view (i.e. No long skirts). Footwear will be leather or vinyl soles, as steel taps are not permitted in the Betty Creagh Lounge area. Rubber soles are not recommended. The more flexible the ankle and foot, the easier the learning will be. The technique will be Soft Shoe Shuffle.

Ideally, the class will be progressive so that skills taught and developed can be improved and maintained as the year rolls along. There is also an element of ‘fun’ in all classes.

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